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Things you can do in Chitwan National Park

Posted in 13th Jun, 2020

Chitwan National Park is situated southwestern part of Nepal and it is famous for wildlife safaris like no other in South Asia. Established in 1973, The Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s first national park and lies at the foot of the Mahabharat range in the inner Tarai lowlands of Chitwan. Covering an area of 932 sq. km this is the most well-preserved conservation area in all of Asia. This national park has a fascinating variety of mammals, reptiles, and birds and preserves some of the last habitats for endangered species like the Greater one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger.

The sunset view is seen from the bank of Rapti River, Sauraha Chitwan

It is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site that is home to a total of 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 56 species of herpetofauna, and 126 species of fish that have been recorded in the park. The park is especially renowned for its protection of the one- horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger and Gharial Crocodile, and many endangered birds and animals.

Tour agency like Golden Nepal Holidays offers Chitwan National Park Tour Package for travelers with full board accommodation services including Elephant Back Safari, Jeep Safari, Canoning on Rapti River, Tharu Cultural Show, Nature Walk, and Tharu Village Walk. Some of the activities are offered special demand of our tourists. As a traveler, you can do the following activities related to the Jungle, Wildlife, and People of Chitwan National Park.

Tourists enjoying the Elephant back safari at Chitwan

Elephant Back Safari: The National Park and Community Forest is a suitable place for Elephant Safari in the Chitwan National Park. Elephant Safari is one of the most popular and safest activity can be done in the dense forest of the Park. Elephant back safari provides the best opportunity to view different species of wild animals in very much closer proximity. Seated on the back of the trained elephant traveling the grassland and core area of the jungle of the park is the main highlight of the elephant safari.

Tour agencies like Golden Nepal Holidays and Lodes in Chitwan offer Elephant Safari. They generally last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Elephant jungle tours usually have three times. Early morning, mid-morning and late afternoon. Elephant Safari costs between 1500 and 2500+ rupees for citizens of Nepal, India, SAARC, and Other nations. These safaris are run by people who either own or hire out their elephants.

Off to a famous jungle safari by open Jeep in Chitwan National Park

Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari is exciting to ride on top of an open jeep into the dense forest with a professional local naturalist. During the ride, it is possible to view the wild animals and have the opportunity to take pictures. You’ll have the chance to see wildlife such as a variety of deer (spotted, hog, barking, and sambar), different bird species, monkeys, and the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. With a bit of luck, there’s always the chance of glimpsing the leopard, sloth bear, and Royal Bengal Tiger. You can ask any question to the local naturalists about any animal encountered or seen from a distance.

About a 4-5 Hrs long drive,  It takes you to the Kasara National Park headquarters wherein you will get to chance to Kasara Durbar and the Crocodile Breeding Center. The center is housed with breeding and hatching pounds and rears the animals until they are ready for release in the wild. During Jeep Safari, one has to pay the National Park entry fee and Jeep Safari Cost.

Elephant breeding center in Chitwan

Visit Elephant Breeding Center: Located in Sauraha the Elephant breeding center was set up to protect the endangered elephants in the region. There are often many baby elephants there and a small museum. The center is walkable from Sauraha but it will take 1 hour depending on the heat and road conditions. Tours or rickshaw transport are available part of the way.

In the Animal World, elephants probably are the most graceful creatures. On your visit to the Elephant Breeding Center, you will demonstrate how elephants’ meals are prepared and how they eat, and you will get various information on the nature and habits of elephants. The unique center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephants trapping for domestication.

Tourists enjoying the Nature walk in Chitwan

Jungle walk with Nature Guide: The Jungle Walk is one of the adventurous and entertaining activities of Chitwan National Park. One can walk through the dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and the guides are not allowed to carry any weapons during the walks but the guides offer tips for safety at the start of the walk. The danger of sudden encounters with wild animals is always present during the jungle walk.

The majority of these encounters involve wild elephants and rhinos. Thus maximum caution should be exercised during the walk that provides the opportunity to observe the wildlife from up close. It is always a wise decision to take the aid of an experienced guide during the Jungle walk. The guides take the tourist for a 5 to 10 km walk at one time offering a chance to observe the wild animals and birds. One should not make a slight noise during the walk. Chitwan National Park is considered the best destination in Nepal for Jungle Walk.

Tharu Village in Chitwan

Tharu Village Tour: The village tour is famous for close and personal observation of the Tharu culture. Tourists like to take a village tour to witness the daily lifestyle and activities of the Tharu community. The Tharu community resides along the entire length of the Terai plains of Nepal but Chitwan is especially popular for its traditional culture. There is a choice between a foot or tonka ride for a village tour. It is advisable to take the aid of a guide during the tour to better understand the local customs.

During tours, you can experience the uniquely placed culture of the Tharu people and relish what their culture is like in the Tharu Village Museum in the heart of Sauraha Bachhauli. For centuries, the Tharu have lived very close to this protected area and hence their tradition reflects their intimate relationship with the natural world. Visit the Tharu village and share their world with them as you reach out to touch another culture.

Birdwatching at Chitwan

Bird Watching: Chitwan National Park is a paradise for Bird watchers who can see different species of home birds or migrant birds. Guided by an expert naturalist, join a bird-watching tour to identify species from grassland, farmland, forest, and aquatic habitats An early morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti River, is a must-go to view many of the exotic birds, including the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican and Paradise Flycatcher. This apart enjoys the movement of the migratory birds in the Bish Hajar Taal. You will be accompanied by our experienced naturalist to these wonderful birder’s parades. Visitors have to pay certain charges to enter Chitwan National Park and charges for the guide or the service provider or manager.

Canoe ride down to the river

Canoe ride at Rapti River: Tourists can also embark on a canoe ride along the Rapti River inside the Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodiles and other wild animals. Tourists are excited to look at the crocodiles taking a sunbath on the river banks and take their photographs. The crocodiles basked motionlessly under the sun with their snouts wide.

Gharial at the bank of the river

The chance to flow along with the river taking a close look at the crocodiles and jungle on the river bank attracts the tourist to a canoe ride. It is also possible to reach Jagatpur, another tourist spot of Chitwan by canoe some 18 km downstream from Sauraha. A journey down the Rapti River in a traditional ‘dugout canoe offers you the chance to quietly observe the exotic species of birds and animals that come for a sip at the edge of the water.

In the Canoeing ride on the Rapt River, you see the popular Marsha Mugger and Gharial Crocodiles in their natural habitation. You can see close proximity to them from your canoe boat and the naturalists guide you in their proper way. During the Canoeing, you can see the rare species of birds, reptiles, and more on the wetland.

Bathing with an Elephant

Bath with Elephant: Elephant bathing is also an exciting entertainment activity available to tourist in Sauraha. The tourist can play with the elephants and dive in the river from the back of the elephant while it is bathing. The sight of elephants bathing and playing with humans is equally entertaining. It is even enjoyable to only view the elephant baths.

Performing t=Tharu cultural dance in Chitwan

Tharu Cultures Show: The Tharu Culture Program organized at Sauraha and Meghauli plays a significant role to entertain the tourist visiting Chitwan National Park and introducing the Tharu Culture and tradition to the tourists. The majority of the tourist arriving at Chitwan have experienced the Tharu culture program. Tourists get full entertainment from the Tharu dances. Dances like Danda Nach (Stick Dance) Ago Nach (Fire Dance) Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are some of the popular highlights of the cultural show. The program starts from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm every evening or on Demand and lasts for 45 minutes. The cultural program has helped spread awareness about the Tharu culture throughout the world.

Savor the magnificent cultural dance of the Tharu communities watching by the bone fire in the evening in any hotels in Sauraha.

Bicycle ride in the village – No fixed route

Cycling in Sauraha: It is one of the extra activities for the visitors/tourists coming to Chitwan. Chitwan is the most cycle-used city in Nepal. When you limit your stay in Sauraha, you miss the real beauty outside Sauraha. Through cycling, you can go a little out of a tourist place to observe the typical village. Observe the agriculture field where people are busy farming. The villagers are in such a stage that Sauraha was 30 years before. It can be the best opportunity to take a photo of the Nepali lifestyle. The guide can explain in detail about every different ethnic group. You can even go to Chitwan National Park by Cycling, You need to pay extra for the cycle, most of the service providers charge hourly basis or a full day basis. You need to pay extra if you enter Chitwan National Park.

Oxcart ride in the Village – slow but entertaining

Ox Cart Riding: Ox cart ride is a traditional transport of the Tharu people (local people) where a cart is pulled by a pair of oxen. Oxcart ride is usually a slow trip through villages to the elephant stable and a small museum to learn about the Tharu culture, but you will have fun as you go through villages to experience the living style of the Tharu people.

The best time to visit Chitwan is from October to March. This is because the skies are clear, the temperatures are warm and comfortable and the prices are good. The best time to see animals on a safari in Chitwan National Park would be around January to March. But you’ve still got a chance to see animals in other months too!


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