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What to Pack for Nepal Trip?

Posted in 11th Jun, 2020

Are you planning to visit Nepal for a Trekking Sightseeing Tour or Pilgrimage tour? If you are wondering about What to Pack for Nepal Trip? then this list may be helpful to you. Proper packing of things makes the travel easy and memorable. Sometimes the overburden becomes a problem and sometimes the fewer travel gears become problematic. This list gives you a general idea of what to pack for Nepal at which time of the year.

Clothing: The quantity of clothing depends on the climate condition, the nature of the trip, and the length of your trip. Of course, you need to carry warm clothing for the winter season than the summer trip. You’ll need to wear layers. Your base layer should be a synthetic T-shirt, or a quick-dry, thin thermal shirt. If you’re sensitive to the sun, wear long sleeves. If you’re reaching higher altitudes, you’ll need more layers. Bring thermal shorts or trousers, a fleece jacket, and a light-down jacket with a hood or down vest. Pack clothes that are light, with fast-drying fabric and good breathability.

Hundreds of trekking shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara will be happy to equip you with all the necessary gear, so don’t worry if you arrive unequipped. However, the products you buy in Nepal are made locally and won’t last forever – it‘s likely that you’ll leave most of them thereafter your trek. There are a number of outdoor clothing shops on Tridevi Marg in Kathmandu where you can purchase real-deal, top-quality branded gear, including fleece and Gore-Tex jackets, down jackets, and shirts. I’d highly recommend you buy your trekking shoes well in advance choose a trusted brand, and start wearing your shoes sometime before coming to Nepal.

Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes – preferably ones that you’ve already worn. Mid/High trekking boots will provide great ankle support. Get a pair with a steel cap and a solid, non-flexible sole. Make sure these are the right size for your foot and are comfortable to walk in. Remember, you’ll be walking in these for 4-8 hours a day during your trek. If you are going only for a sightseeing tour then walking shoes are more light and comfortable. Please carry a pair of slippers to use on the hotel premises.  

Pollution Mask: It will be a good idea to use masks at all times to avoid viruses transmitting to each other. Kathmandu has bad air quality so recommend you carry a pollution mask to avoid getting sick.

Hand sanitizer: Hand washing is not possible always. While you are outdoors, keeping your hands extremely clean is currently crucial. Carrying hand sanitizer is also important while traveling in Nepal.

Water Bottles: Instead of buying water bottles, Carry your own bottle and refill it from your hotel or Guest House. You will find water refill shops in the city area with minimum charges. It will be helpful to “no plastic campion” too.

Raincoat / Umbrella: Nepal is quite uncertain regarding rain so keep the raincoat or Umbrella in your bag to be prepared in case of sudden showers. You can buy a raincoat or umbrella in the local market if you don’t have it now.

Sunscreen: If you have a plan to wander in the city all day long, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen to avoid getting tanned. Therefore, Sunscreen is most important while you are trekking at high altitudes.

Insect repellent: Sometimes you may face insects, bugs, mosquitos cockroaches while sleeping so don’t forget to carry insect repellent cream.

First aid and other regular medicine: Carry your own first aid box with updated medicine. Never forget to take the medicine that you are taking regularly. You may not buy the same brand and quality in Nepal

Day backpack: Besides your main luggage. Take along a day backpack to carry all your valuable things like your passport, camera, phone, wallet water bottle.

Prefer cash over credit/debit cards: Since Nepal is much more dependent on paper bills, they mostly accept cash; and the card doesn’t work at all places. It’s always smart to convert your national currency into NPR at verified money exchange counters.

Keep your cash in different places: Don’t keep all your cash in one place, in case you lose it, you lose everything.

Passport copy / Photographs: Always keep your copy of your passports with you for any emergency. Carry some numbers of your photographs with you. For example, you need a copy of your passport and 2 photographs to get a local sim card. You can have a soft copy of the documents on your mobile as well.

Wash Kit / Towels: Please bring your own wash kit and towel. Only high-end hotels provide a complimentary wash kit in the room. A personal towel would be helpful to mention personal hygiene.

Snacks / Chocolate: It will be a good idea to carry some snacks/nuts/chocolates/power bar in your daypack. You can have it in an eminency situation like a roadblock, Traffic, or any unforeseen circumstances,

It will be better if you have: The Nepal trip will be more comfortable if you have such items as a Laptop, USB drive, earphones, reading books, a small padlock, toiletries, notebook and pen, multi-plug, Cell phone, Camera, Walking sticks, Cap / Hats, etc.

If you have a small baby: You should be extra careful if you are traveling with a child. You should prepare an extra bag for your child to avoid mix-max with others. Supplementary food, washing kits, enough clothing, and necessary medicine ….. Every mother knows very well.


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